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Wonderful Luxury Villas, Just a Phone Call Away!

We are highly accommodating

El Cobijo Andalusian Holiday Villa is a splendid family vacation rental property. Our property is ideal for family vacations or business events. Our family villa is a perfect place to host a fabulous getaway, and both you and your guests will be surrounded by class and luxury at every step of the way. We offer the number one customer experience in this region.


We go the extra mile

At El Cobijo Andalusian Holiday Villa we want to make sure your stay in our property is absolutely brilliant. El Cobijo is a prime holiday rental property for your upcoming vacation, and we will ensure that your family will be thrilled with your decision to make the trip to Arriate. There isn't another luxury rental property quite like El Cobijo Andalusian Holiday Villa, as we take very seriously your complete and total satisfaction with every aspect of our services. From the first moment you contact us until the last, you are given top rated customer support that goes right along with our highly praised property.

If you have any questions about the services we offer or our property, all you need to do is contact us and ask. 

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